Welcome to Omnis Mundi

Omnis Mundi is a network of experienced European entrepreneurs with a joint vision to revitalize the European entrepreneurial spirit.
We support entrepreneurs who want to create companies in the eCommerce, hi-tech, social media and innovative services sectors where significant market opportunities exist.

We are also supporting selected young and promising companies but we are best, when it comes down to starting a company from scratch.
At Omnis Mundi, we are entrepreneurs by heart. We share the risks associated with every venture and participate in future successful returns of the business. We believe in people who want to change the world and support them to achieve their vision. Omnis Mundi - a vision to create.


What We Offer

We help you to start and grow your own company, regardless if you have a vague idea, a finished business or a company just leaving the garage. The earlier you contact us, the better.

But we are selective in what and whom we support (read more in “what we seek”). But if we decide to back you, you can 100% rely on us to go through all the ups and downs of a start up.

Here is a small overview in what we help you to achieve:




Access to a network of top notch developers and product managers either in Germany or in low costs offshore companies

Access to leading technology companies for partnerships and joint business development (eg. Google, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Facebook, etc)




Support in creating convincing presentation material

Financial Modeling

Access to seed capital in the range of 50.000 – 500.000 Euro

Access to all leading venture capitalists in Europe and the US


Marketing & PR

Marketing & PR

Access to top online marketing partners

SEO / SEM / Affiliate / Emailing knowledge

Access to agencies, photographers, printing companies etc

Access to journalists, Blogger, PR Agencies etc.


Sales & Business Development &
International Expansion

Sales & Business Development &
International Expansion

Access to large corporate clients or customer databases

Access to partners for national or International expansion

Local trusted partners throughout Europe and the US


Selling your Business / M&A

Selling your Business / M&A

Access to leading Corporate Finance Companies

Access to potential buyers in the media, technology and telecom space

Human Ressources


Human Ressources

Interim Management

Access to top level executives

Access to leading HR Recruitment companies


Here is a selection of past and present companies we have founded,
cofounded or invested in over the past 10 years

And here is a selection of past or present investors in our companies

  • Accenture
  • Intel
  • 3i
  • Kennet
  • BDMI
  • G+J
  • Verlags
  • FF&P
  • Vorwerk
  • Mountain Partners
  • Active Capital Partners
  • Macy's


Get in touch with us:


Where to find us:

Omnis Mundi GmbH
c/o Pippa&Jean
Carl Benz Strasse 21
60386 Frankfurt